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Rides and Reins Therapeutic Riding Center
  • Our vision is to increase the quality of  life for people with special needs through the use of horses.

  • We believe that horses provide recreational and therapeutic benefits to persons with special needs.

  • We believe that what happens between a horse and its rider is often a magical, and sometimes unexplainable, experience.

  • We believe we can improve the strength, balance, mobility and outlook on life through horsemenship.

  • We believe the world looks different on a horse.

It is the sincere pleasure of Rides & Reins Therapeutic Riding Center to provide riders with developmental, emotional and physical needs the experience of relaxation thru horseback riding. The walking gait of the horse simulates the movement of a healthy person’s pelvis when walking on two legs. During a therapeutic riding session, this action relaxes and stimulates unused muscles while building muscle tone, improving balance, coordination and joint mobility.


Our volunteers and instructors use the horse’s movement to stimulate specific neuromuscular reactions. For riders with emotional disorders, horseback riding lessons help improve concentration, increase confidence, patience and self esteem. A sense of achievement is also an important emotional milestone for our riders, and enhances the motivation toward recovery and further therapy.


Bonds are established between horse and rider, which can lead to continued self confidence, patients and comfort. We are proud to offer such a distinct and natural method of therapy for children of all ages. The experience of working with an equine is one that can’t be matched, and we are thankful and proud of the riders who have benefited from our program and facility.

At Rides & Reins TEC Inc, we believe in the ability of our horses to help clients with emotional, and physical needs. The relaxation of horseback riding can strengthen muscles and improve balance and coordination.

Healthy and natural horse assisted activities

Bonds between horse and rider

Our vision

Experience how healing a horse can be.

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Cerebral Palsy

Development Delay or Disability

Down Syndrome

Emotional or

Behavioral Disorders

Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders

Genetic Conditions

Hearing Impairment

Intellectual Disability

Learning Disability

Orthopedic Issues

Speech Impairment

Spina Bifida

Spinal Cord Injury


Visual Impairments


Rides & Reins believes that riding horses is a powerful development towards the healing of individuals with physical, emotional and developmental special needs.

Special Needs Served:

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